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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and, of course, if you're landry jones what happens, jim? well, it starts raining harder. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jim: starts from the shotgun. ball is in the air and incomplete. it was sims who got a hand on it. steelers-bengals. burfict and roethlisberger. this hit right here took a little money out of burfict's wallet. fined for that one. ben made it very clear he thought he was going after him. burfict was in that one, after the game. and now this one tonight. no one can argue whether it was a legal hit.
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you're not allowed to wrap your arms around a quarterback and let your weight fall on him. it was close. jim: todman taking off. shawn williams bats the ball out of his hands but they're out of bounds after a big gain of 25. phil: rey maualuga, number 58, tries to go underneath to make the play in the backfield and it opens up. the defense was not spread out enough. that's what it is. when you talk about run defense, make sure every gap between the offense and the offensive linemen is covered. it wasn't that time, they give up the big run. jim: they have 159 yards rushing in the game. toussaint. and they're playing with their fourth and fifth running backs, if you will, of the year.
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season on the practice squad. had gotten into a couple of games at the end of last year with the ravens. originally signed by baltimore, undrafted out of michigan. four games in all for the ravens last year. even played if the playoffs, got a couple of touches in that great divisional game that went back and forth with the patriots last year. phil: i know one thing, the steelers during the preen, they made it -- preseason, they made it their job to make sure they got landry jones ready. they did pick up michael vick. it didn't go well. jim: in trouble, no chance. the bengals double up and get him. dunlap and sims. you mentioned mike vick. he is inactive tonight. phil: boy, carlos dunlap was on the outside to the right. his spin move just forced his way in between the linemen.
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phil: it helped simms. he gets there first but he was making jones move. jim: sims with a batted ball on this series and now a sack. third and 17 as bryant will -- the bengals have that one completely covered up. and burfict over there near the steelers sideline. phil: well, what do you want to say -- looking for trouble. jim: you don't want to see this game get completely crazy. it's pretty close. anytime he's hovering by the steelers sideline, that can't lead to good things, for anybody.
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jim: jim nantz, phil simms, tracy wolfson, mike carey. in what's been one of the most physical games you'll ever see. phil: it was a great physical contest for a lot of the game. it was fun to watch, the speed and the defenses, they were ferocious. and then, of course, got a lot of side action to go with it. jim: mccarron to him. he's got room. he's got 10 and the first down. i want to go one time more back to the roethlisberger play where he was sacked by burfict and just ask you was this, in your
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phil talked about the rule. let's bring in mike carey. mike: yes, this is definitely a legal tackle. it's rough but he didn't lift him up and stuff him. as a matter of fact, ben was a runner at that point, remember. he was scrambling. phil: the rule was instituted in 1995. jim: first and 10 for mccarron. dumps it off underneath and hill races out for another 13. bernard is not coming back we've been told. he's out for the game. so is dre kirkpatrick, their cornerback who's been in and out with injuries and was the one beaten on the touchdown play to bryant. hill is a little gimpy after that. more than a little. phil: we saw how the defense dropped back. great job by mccarron, drop it short.
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running back. and burkhead getting a chance to handle it and he's got four. on super bowl sunday, pepsi presents the biggest concert of the year, the pepsi super bowl 50 halftime show and for the first time ever, pepsi is giving fans exclusive behind the scenes access as the show comes together. for more details. second and 6. mccarron. he's got running room. he's close to the first down. phil: good job by a.j. mccarron. he's moved around tonight when he needs to to make a play when he can't find anybody open and this is not something the
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he's not going to run. they were leery of playing coverage and him running out of the pocket and making plays like that. he's shown, especially last week, to be more spontaneous, getting used to the action on the field and getting all those practice reps each week. jim: you saw hill coming back into the game. mccarron's throw should have been caught. off the hands of eifert then nearly intercepted by mike mitchell. phil: finally the -- i shouldn't say finally but this is what they're vote -- noted for, these type of throws down the field. he's going to go across. fights through the zone. nobody there to cover him. the throw was absolutely good enough to catch. was it perfect? no. but eifert is going to make that 98% of the time. jim: eifert had three catches in the first quarter. he's hat had one since.
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the right side. a.j. green is not in the game. sanu is. second and 10. he's going to take off again and slide for one. phil: rex burkhead was in the playoff game for the bengals last year, right? remember, he was a part of their passing game. jim: like their top wideout in the game. a.j. green is back on this play. phil: but the steelers are really dropping deep in coverage. mike mitchell, the last play, was 30 yards deep in the middle of the field. look at him right now, how far he is going back. why is he getting all the way back there? because he wants to see what's going on and make sure a.j. green or one of those receivers, they get open deep, he can chase them down the sidelines. jim: time-out, cincinnati.
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wild card weekend continues tomorrow on nbc and fox. nbc up first with seattle and minnesota. in chilis weather. green bay and the redskins on fox. the two coaches tomorrow hosting are both former assistants to marvin lewis. talking about jay gruden and mike zimmer. you would think this might be a.j. green time. third and 9 coming up. i know all these a.j.'s can get a little excusing -- confusing at time. it's raymond anthony mccarron jr. and adrian jeremiah green. you can go by that.
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gets the pass away. diving catch by eifert! could have caught the one earlier just a couple of plays ago. this time makes an 18-yard diving reception. phil: there he goes. here's the blitz inside. they love it. two blitzers crossing, one coming up the middle. almost looks like the same play that roethlisberger made antonio brown against the blitz. jim: sideline and a catch. by green. brought down by gay right away. gain of nine. phil: we're seeing the a.j. mccarron they kind of saw in that denver game, that had some rhythm. that time dropped, made his decision. on his last step, hit the ground. he threw it on time outside to the soft coverage to green. jim: seven minutes remaining. they go to the ground and fighting for the first is hill.
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him to get it, i believe. it is a first down. phil: finally, jim, you heard me say it. those seams going up the field inside. we've seen a couple of them. eifert missed one then he caught a big one. that's one of the big weaknesses -- or the biggest weakness of the steelers' pass defense. jim: remember, cincinnati has two first downs in the first half? now with 15 in this half. again to hill. backs in for a couple more. moats met him there after two. you know, i'm going to bring up that two-point attempt by pittsburgh. of course, had the steelers made it, the bengals would not have been kicking the extra point when they had a touchdown at the
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favre a lot of things had happened since then. if they'd made it maybe the bengals would have gone for two, it would be 16-6. didn't second guess them when they did it. understood why mike tomlin was trying it, to get to 17, to make it three scores. the most important thing right now, third down. 15-7. know that you're definitely in field goal range. be careful with the football. jim: andy dalton looking on. third and 8. 5:5 to go. mccarron, gives it up to burkhead. harrison is there and harrison takes him out of bounds short of the first and now it's going to
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they immediately bring out nugent. phil: 5:44 to go, get it to two, within one score. no decision by marvin lewis, kick the field goal. the steelers defense ready. a little switch by the receivers. they pass it off. there was nowhere to -- for mccarron to go with the football. jim: going to be a 35-yard attempt for nugent. the most tenured bengal in his 11th year. we'll call it 36 now. here's the kick and it is good. 10 points in the quarter by the bengals. pittsburgh leads it 15-10. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos!
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jim: let's look at next gen stats presented by tostitos. phil: we get a blitz by the bengals' defense. antonio brown cuts across the field. how many yards does he cover? we know the speed, the quickness. it's there.
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big play of the game. jim: and wait till you see this development. look who's back ready to go. ben roethlisberger. tracy, you were backstage to see what happened. what can you tell us? tracy: that's right, jim. we saw him go directly into the extra room. he spent about 10 minutes inside there and then he was carted out without his pads. no sling on whatsoever. into the locker room. they made arrangements to get his pads and everything back on. i was told he's coming back out and going to try to get back out there. jim: wow, not surprising, is it? phil: what did i say a couple of weeks ago? it's part of being the steelers quarterback. jim: he's not coming out. he had the helmet on but landry is coming out. phil: there you go. not good enough to come back into this game.
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is no backup to jones so if you had to at least have somebody come out and hand it off. phil: good point. you see him moving his arm around showing everybody. jim: but jones is the quarterback with 5:12 to go. jones' throw is caught by brown for a pickup of six. he's overton sideline. he's not even warming up, any throws or anything like that. phil: but the way he put that helmet on and the way he was standing there, everybody was around him, i thought he was coming back into the game. mike tomlin i'm sure asked him you? jim: yeah, how do you feel?
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second down and 4. todman dives just to get back to the line of scrimmage. dunlap had a read on that play. in the rain again -- and the rain again intensifies with four minutes approaching. the jungle has turned into a rain forest. favre yeah, it sure has. the crowd noise, usually the steelers would throw screens. they have lots of different types of plays they can run in these situations but so far tonight, the bengals defense has been all over those underneath throws. jim: here's a third and 4 play. jones. down the field and incomplete. and no flag. leon hall on the coverage of
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phil: leon hall, got a little nicked up last week. but in good position. if the throw is inside, shawn williams is going to be there to knock it down so landry jones threw it the only place he could, outside. jim: adam jones is back to return. had his only second fair catch of the season earlier in this game. a dangerous threat. going to have a chance to handle it here. spins around and goes. adam jones to the 45 of pittsburgh. phil: first person this week in the special teams meetings when they walked in the room, adam jones was sit interesting waiting because he knew he was going to be a runner. jim: 24-yard return and cincinnati, down five, has the ball in pittsburgh territory, 3:28 to play. ex e staining carpet. but this is new lifeproof carpet with stain resistant technology built in
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jim: the nfl on cbs, sponsored by national car rental. go national, go like a pro. and by subway, founded on fresh. phil: well, this steelers defense back on the field again. why am i bringing it up? because conditioning, being tired has got to be part of this right now. jim: meantime, cincinnati, over 9,100 days since its last week.
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seven attempts since. phil: he changed the play. the defense changed its play also. jim: and mccarron, little jump pass. and the shoe string camp by hill for three. is mccarron looking a little more confident to you at the moment? phil: absolutely. he's had a few good drives. tevin last drive, had good rhythm. it's taken a while. but he's hung in there. 20-35 for the game tonight. jim: second and 7. steeler blitz. quick pass. and it's pulled down for the catch by marvin jones. for six yards. phil: well, james harrison had a terrific pass rush the play before and this time what is he doing? trying to get outside.
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underneath dernled under jones but mccarron threw it on rhythm. puts his offense in a good third down situation and yes, absolutely, this is four-down territory. jim: third and 1. a long yard to go. phil: i knew you were going to ask me that question so that's why i answered. jim: no, i didn't think that one was a question at all. mccarron in trouble. shazier had the heat on him. phil: you have to always look to the back side. it was a corner blitz that time. here comes james harrison. here comes william game. jim: it was really shazier that forced him ultimately to just throw it out of bounds. fourth and they're calling it officially 1. it looks like 2. phil: you know the play you're going to run. don't use the time-out so in
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able to stop the clock and get the football back with time. jim: another blitz. william gay blitzing, leaving open jones. hammered down after the first down by moats. phil: throws it to the right. here comes the blitz. jim: it was william gay on the blitz. phil: yeah, it was jones coming all the way across. but what did they do? they played zone behind the blitz, trying to get the best of both worlds. jim: now on first down, mccarron. scrambles out of what could have been a sack and picks up three. and that will bring us to the two-minute warning. coming down to the wire. unbelievable night here. you're watching the nfl on cbs. back in 1965 subway's founders fred deluca and dr.peter buck teamed up with one simple mission...
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jim: what will the divisional round look like in the a.f.c.? where will kansas city be going after its 11th straight win today? if cincinnati pulls this off, the bengals go to new england, sending kansas city to denver. a pittsburgh win puts kansas city at gillette stadium and sends the steelers to the mile high city. second and 7 coming out of the two-minute warning now. the bengals with two time-outs. having entered this quarter down 15-0. mccarron and that pass, errant throw in the direction of mohamed sanu. after the game, the "the subway postgame show." james brown and all the crew standing by for the highlights and their analysis of this game. phil: well, if you're the
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defensive side, there are two


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